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Tune-Ups, Oil Changes & Repair Services

We offer the best tune-up service for mowers, generators, power washers, snow blowers, motorcycles, and scooters. 

We also repair snowblowers, mowers, generators, power washers, and we change oil and filters for vehicles.

We get it, life can be busy! This is why we have the option to come to your location for our services.

We are all about friendly customer service experience and ethical business practices, it take us 1-5 business days to complete a repair or tune-up.

We have different options:

  • You can schedule a time to drop off your machine, motorcycle, or car at our location or we can come to you for the service.

  • For mowers, power washers, generators, and snowblowers, we can perform a diagnostic or pick up at your location for $75.00 or if you drop it off at our location you get a FREE DIAGNOSTIC and save $75.00.

We are here to help, just fill up a form, send a quick email or call and we will make the process easier for you.

For lawn care services as aeration, fertilization, overseeding, sprinkler turn on and sprinkler blowout, see the bottom of the page.

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CONTACT US: 720-240-6127

EMAIL: [email protected]

 We pick up, deliver the equipment or we do the service at your location for $75.00.

Our service is top quality! Here is our method of business for mowers/snowblowers:

1) Schedule a Drop off (free) or Service at your location for a diagnostic $75.00.

2) We will find the issue, solution and will provide total cost before repairing.

3) After repairing we will clean the machine and we make sure is running good.

Our method of business for Car Oil Changes and Motorcycle Tune-Ups:

We can come to your location for the services or you can schedule a time to drop it off at our location.

Call: 720-240-6127 - Email: [email protected]

Lawn Care Services: 

  • Aeration
  •  Winterization
  • Overseeding
  •  Fertilization
  • Weed and Feed
  •  Sprinkler Turn on and Sprinkler Blowouts.

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Our goal is to help customers have their equipment running efficiently for all seasons and in great condition